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Learn to speak Polish

Learn to count in Polish listen and learn pronunciation.

NumbersDo you travel for fun or business? Or are you planning to? Depending on what language or languages you can speak or make yourself understood in, if you travel far enough, sooner or later you will arrive in a strange land where they speak a different language than you. So when you go into a store or a restaurant, you spend a great deal of time trying to puzzle things out. Does the word look like an English word? If so, maybe it has a related meaning. Is there a picture right beside the word or phrase? If so, how is it referring to the picture?

How bright is the person you are trying to communicate with? Do they understand your hand gestures, and vice versa?


Basic words & phrases in Polish when talking to Grandparents

Picture of a child and a grandfatherYou probably celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, but what about Grandparents? Grandma and Grandpa deserve their special days, too. In Poland, January 21st and 22nd are devoted to honoring them, them

"who with wisdom and pride are always offering love and kindness,
and who are always there to guide;

who often make you feel so confident and strong;
whose arms are always open no matter what you did wrong;
who try to help out in every way they can;

who love all their grandchildren the same whether you're a child,

woman or man;
who are always there to listen and to lend a helping hand;
who show you respect and who try to understand".


Learn Polish Vocabulary & Pronunciation - Fruits & Vegetables

Exploring grocery stores can be one of the traveling's greatest everyday pleasures. In Poland most of its cities and towns offer three options for food shopping: the traditional open-air or covered market, the small Mom-and-Pop store, and the modern supermarket. The first one is worth visiting for the atmosphere alone, its rich sights, smells and sounds.

Poles still like shopping there even though regular stores abound with a wide variety of products. Markets offer fresh and cheap vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and other food, especially in the morning. And buying from the stalls almost invariably requires some mastery of Polish. Therefore, look at the words and phrases below. They might be helpful when you are out shopping.

Text by Anna Kruszewska-Achmatowicz


Learn to speak Polish - Making Friends in Polish language

One can only get an emotional feel for the visited place via direct contact with its people, because their customs, culture and traditions leave a mark in the memory of that special corner of the world. Meeting the inhabitants of different countries is a great thing, provided, however, that one does not offend them with a badly chosen word or gesture. It is then worth mastering the art of reading the behavior of the locals in order to avoid amusing or unfortunate misunderstandings.

In general, Poles are more traditional than westerners, and there is a vast contrast between urban and rural life, as the Polish village remains very religious and conservative. But be it in the cities or in the remote countryside, Poles will win you over with their hospitality, generosity and kindness, reflecting two popular unwritten rules: "a guest in the house is God in the house" and "get in debt but show your best".